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Southside Sheldon Adventure

Distinctive and Historical Structure!

Quick Details

Per Person (Group Rate) 3+ People • Price per passenger
Per Person with Glacier Landing (Group Rate) 3+ People • Price per passenger
Private Charter 1-2 People • Priced per charter
Private Charter with Glacier Landing 1-2 People • Priced per charter

A flight tour to one of the most historic structures in Alaska: the Don Sheldon Mountain House!

Our Mountain House air tour gives the passenger a good look at both the amphitheater and the spectacular Ruth Gorge. This route is the basis for all Sheldon flight seeing tours.

Departing from Talkeetna you will experience the vast river and forest lands – home to Alaska’s big wild game such as black bears and moose – on the short trip over to the Alaska range. In addition, there are occasional lodges to be sighted along the lake shores, often only accessible by float plane.

An aerial view of Don Sheldon’s Mountain House is the focal point of the Sheldon Air Service basic flightseeing tour.